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Silence and Collective Memory

This project examines the relationship between silence, memory, and forgetting. The first paper develops a theoretical framework drawing on data collected by Vered Vinitzky-Seroussi on the memory of Yizhak Rabin's assassination. The second paper extends the framwork to other cases.


Vinitzky-Seroussi, Vered and Chana Teeger. 2010. “Unpacking the Unspoken: Silence in Collective Memory and Forgetting.” Social Forces 88(3): 1103-1122

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Vinitzky-Seroussi, Vered and Chana Teeger. 2019. “Silence and Collective Memory” pp. 663-674 in Wayne H. Brekhaus and Gabe Ignatow (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Sociology. Oxford University Press.


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