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Elites and Redistribution

This is a collaborative project with Graziella Moraes Silva, Matias López, and Livio Silva Müller. In it, we examine elites' perceptions of inequality and redistribution in the global South, focusing primarily on Brazil and South Africa.


López, Matias, Graziella Moraes Silva, Chana Teeger, and Pedro Marques. 2022. “Economic and Cultural Determinants of Elite Attitudes Towards Redistribution” Socio-Economic Review 22(2): 489-514.


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Moraes Silva, Graziella, Matias López, Elisa Reis, and Chana Teeger. 2022. “Who are the Elite? What do they think about Inequality? And why does it Matter?” pp. 151-174 Katja Hugo and Maggie Carter (Eds.) Between Fault Lines and Front Lines: Shifting Power in an Unequal World. London: Bloomsbury.

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