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History Education

This project examines how South Africa's "born free" generation are learning about apartheid in school. More broadly, it asks about how histories of racial oppression are dealt with in contexts of diversity as well as how racism is reconfigured in the era of civil liberties.


Teeger, Chana. “Distancing the Past: How History Lessons Teach Young South Africans to Ignore Racial Inequality in the Present.” Book under contract with Columbia University Press.


Teeger, Chana. 2023. “(Not) Feeling the Past: Boredom as a Racialized Emotion.” American Journal of Sociology 129(1): 1-40.


Teeger, Chana. 2015. “‘Both Sides of the Story’: History Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa.” American Sociological Review 88(6): 1175-1200.


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Teeger, Chana. 2015. “Ruptures in the Rainbow Nation: How Desegregated South African Schools Deal with Interpersonal and Structural Racism.” Sociology of Education 88(3): 226-243.


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Teeger, Chana. 2018. “Transformation as a Matter of State Rather than Degree: Thinking Beyond School Desegregation,” pp. 523-540 in Rob Pattman and Ronelle Carolissen (Eds.) Transforming Transformation in Research and Teaching at South African Universities. Stellenbosch: SUN Press.

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